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Annapurna Eco-Village

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Annapurna Eco-Village is a tranquil oasis just one hour drive from Pokhara Nepal, situated at the foot of the Annapurna range of the majestic Himalayas. Sip fresh ginger tea in the colorful garden while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding white peaks, lush green valleys and meditative sunrises and sunsets. Offering daily yoga and meditation sessions as well as plentiful opportunities to learn and explore traditional culture, this incredible mountain paradise is a truly unique way to experience Nepal.
The beautiful farm, rooms and resort facilities are managed by the exceptionally kind Adhikari family who have lived in the area of Astam, Nepal, for over seven generations. Whether you are stopping by to treat yourself after a long trek, or simply wishing to get away from the busy city lifestyle, Annapurna Eco-Village is a peaceful hilltop haven with some of the most magical views on the planet.
The Eco-Village is committed to environmentally sustainable farming techniques and grows many varieties of vegetables, herbs, spices and grains directly on the farm. Delicious food, attention to detail, and the feeling of being part of the family make this the perfect place to come for a traditional Nepalese experience alongside western comforts, steeped in the culture and natural beauty of the area.

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Amazing mountain view from Annapurna Eco-Village