Some of the most impressive peaks of the world lie in the Dhaulagiri Range and Putha Himchuli Peak is one of them. It is located in the far west of the Massive Dhaulagiri range. For mountain peak climbing, Putha Himchuli Peak is technically challenging one. This mountain is the last 7000er marking the end of the snow-capped range. Climbers compare to this peak with any classic route of the French Alps to level of its difficulties. The Sooth slopes of Putha Himchuli Peak offer the different summit’s base camps. However, the ascent route of this peak is technically difficult due to the many ridges and seracs.
Our trek toward the Putha Himchuli Peak begins at the trading town Dunai of Dolpa. After a weeklong walk trekkers/ climbers reach in German Base Camp of the Peak situated at an altitude of 4,525m. The landscape during the approach walk is as enchanting as it is unique like a mineral world made of high cliffs and deep canyons.
Snowy horizon offers full board package for this Putha Himchuli Peak climbing as a unique adventure including climbing permit from NMA and all other necessary logistics form arrival up to departure from Kathmandu. Upon your request we do also offer only base camp service of this peak climbing where the climber may arrange all required logistics for above the base camp. Yet, the company provides the peak permit. The route of this trekking and climbing lies in Upper Dolpa Restricted Area is also known as Dolpo Region.
We invite both the climbers requiring full board service or base camp service for this Putha Himchuli Peak Climbing. Our service includes the proper maps of the trekking and climbing route, hygienic high altitude food cooked freshly by our experienced cooks, experienced and professional trekking and climbing Sherpas and guides, sufficient and quality logistics, properly arranged arrival and departure transfers, well managed accommodation and tours to Kathmandu and other cities.

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