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The National Park comprises 968 square kilometers and is located in the far western Terai region of Nepal, bounded by the Karnali River. Kathmandu is 585 kilometers away. In southern Nepal, the park is the area of wilderness that is both the biggest and least populated. Even though it is the largest park, international visitors seldom visit it.

The Sal rainforest covers around 70% of the park, with grassland, savannah, and riverine forest making up the remaining 30%. There are eight distinct ecological types in the park. The park's administrative offices are located in Thakurdwara, which is also the location of Forest Hideaway. The Thakuru, an indigenous ethnic group, live nearby in picturesque villages and farms.

Bardia was first used as a hunting reserve before changing to a conservation area in 1976 and finally becoming a national park in 1988. Currently, a plan to expand the park farther north and eastward is under consideration. Bardia has a significant emphasis on conservation, and the park's perfect setting for studying animals complements its role as a refuge for several species.

The WWF and the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation monitor wildlife and maternity grounds in the park. They have also put in place a program to educate the populace about conservation and its importance.

The park is home to more than 30 different types of animals, 200 different bird species, and numerous snakes, reptiles, and fish. Within the park's limits, migratory and resident birds can both be found. 19 of Nepal's 39 constitutionally protected species may be found in the Bardia National Park in addition to many other more widespread animals and birds.

One-horned Rhinos, Asian Elephants in the wild, Bengal Tigers, Swamp Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Gangetic Dolphins, and Gharial Crocodiles are a few of them. The Bengal Florican, Silver-eared Mesia, and Sarus Crane are three examples of endangered birds. In reality, the WWF claimed that the Bardia National Park was crucial to the survival of the tiger population worldwide.

That Bardia offers the best chance to see a Bengal Tiger in Nepal is a result, which is not surprising.

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